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Do you love your animals? Of course you do. But, if you’re putting your home on the market, you must consider what prospects may think of your four-legged friends. Pets give potential buyers a negative impression of a home up to 78% of the time, according to Vegas Realty. It’s not that other people don’t love animals as much as you, but most understand the damages that are possible when you add a four-legged family member into the mix. Couple this with the widespread issue of dog and cat allergies, and it is easy to see why your pet may cause a problem.

For these reasons, it’s crucial for pet owners to make their home look and smell as pet-free as possible while it’s on the market. Here are some tips for doing so without hating yourself in the process:

  • Choose a place where your pets will feel safe and comfortable and take them there during showings. Possible choices include a doggie daycare, a vet office with kennel facilities, or the home of a friend or relative. Visit the place with your pet several times prior to showing your home so she’s used to the environment. If you’re unable to find a suitable place, then take your animals for a walk or ride while prospects are present.

  • Hide pet pictures, food bowls, dog beds, and above all, litter boxes. This is important not only to avoid offending your visitors, but also to help them picture the home with their own photographs and other personal effects in place.

  • Clean house like your life depends on it. We’re talking a top to bottom, no holds barred housekeeping marathon. Get rid of dust bunnies, fingerprint marks, and pet hair. Remember to patrol the yard and remove pet scat and other potential landmines.

  • Afterwards, ask your agent or another third-party to tour the premises and tell you if she notices even the faintest whiff of animal aroma. If she does, then you still have work to do. That leaves us to our next topic.

Reclaiming Your Home from Pet Stains and Odors

  • When it comes to dogs, you should begin by attacking the problem at the source. Giving your pup frequent baths is a good idea unless your vet or someone familiar with her breed recommends against it. Regular baths are especially important for breeds with oily coats like basset hounds, according to

  • Vacuum your carpet thoroughly, then lightly sprinkle baking soda across its surface. Let the soda sit for a few hours, then vacuum again. This will remove many typical malodors.

  • Let the sunshine and fresh air in. Sunlight in particular can neutralize many smells.

  • Use a pet odor and urine neutralizer. Follow directions precisely and test on a small area of your carpets before using the product throughout the room.

  • Let the carpet dry thoroughly then check for odor once more. If it persists, then you may need to remove a section of the carpeting. Walk through the home in darkness with a black light to track smells to their source and mark these areas for replacement. Many pet owners find that installing hard flooring throughout their home ends these problems forever. You can use ornamental rugs to give the floors a softer, warmer look. Just be sure to keep Fido and Fluffy away from them.

  • Consider hiring a professional carpet cleaning service. Ask the representative if the technicians have experience treating pet odors and stains and request references from prior customers or look for online reviews.

  • Avoid trying to mask odors with air fresheners or similar products. This may aggravate visitor’s allergies and send up caution flags in their minds.

Selling your home when you own pets is a challenge. But the tips in this post can improve your chances of a quick and profitable sale. After it’s all over, give your fur babies a little extra love for going along with the game plan.



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