Affordable Upgrades for Bed and Bath That Can Improve the Fabric of Your Home

Contributed by: Julian Lane

Nothing beats slipping into bed after a long day — except for the long bath you took before. Aside from the unwinding properties you get from it, soaking in an hour-long hot bath can improve your overall health, according to Healthline.

So, a bath paired with a good night’s rest can do wonders for your mood and physical health. Enhance your experience in both the bathroom and bedroom affordably with small changes every now and then to keep both rooms fresh and inviting. Give yourself a sanctuary by doing something as small as updating linens or any of the things below.

Be a Bit Materialistic

What are two things you do every day? Sleep and bathe. Most of us aren’t spending enough time sleeping or washing off the day, so you need to make the most of your time.

Lie between somenew sheets of a high thread count to really appreciate sleeping. Sheets become threadbare over time due to washing and use. When you’re out shopping for new sets, see if any comforters or quilts catch your eye. A new look in your room can be energizing, and some people even switch up colorswith the seasons.

Don’t stop at your bedding. Swap out your white curtains with a darker pair to warm the room visually and physically during winter. If you can’t swing a new look for every season, swap other things out and learn how tomake your own curtains and pillowcases to save a few bucks.

As for the bathroom, simply adding in new towels, bath mats, and a shower curtain can transform the room. No matter how well you care foryour bath linens, they will eventually fray or will stop absorbing as much liquid. Don’t push yourself to continue using old, discolored towels, as doing so will take away from your experience.

Towels and bath matsshould be replaced every once in a while anyway. Besides a new set means you get the opportunity to change the colors as well. White towels are easier to bleach, but bleach destroys fiber. Go ahead and get the gray towels or patterned towels you’ve longed for. It’s your bathroom, so make it yours. If the pattern won’t go with your wall color, paint.

Roll Out the Color for a Makeover

You may have heard that your home needs to berepainted every five to seven years, but it’s never really that simple. Some rooms require touch-ups long before others, like your entryway over your bedroom. But that doesn’t mean you can’t paint.

Painting is a bit more work than swapping out fabrics, but it’s one of the surest ways to change the feel of an entire room. Calming colors, like light blues and greens and soft pinks or white, will give your bedroom a relaxed atmosphere. Paired with new sheets and a neutral bedding, a fresh coat of paint will help you feel refreshed every time you walk in.

If you buy enough paint for the bathroom, you can create a continuity between the two so you’ll maintain a relaxed state when you inevitably wake up in the middle of the night to use the toilet. If you want to switch it up though, there’s inspiration forbathroom color schemes all over the internet. You’ll see all sorts of ways to give your space an update.

Think Small for Big Changes

Updating colors and linens are simple changes that make a big difference. Expand on this concept by looking into other ways you can make little changes. Think of your hardware, lighting, and accessories. Also, replace your lampshade on your nightstand. You’ll be surprised how different a room can feel when you play with lighting. Then, update your headboard by painting it oradding fabric to it. Fabric is a commonly overlooked design element.

In the bathroom,refinish your tub and repaint cabinets to give new life to your features. Then, organize your toiletries and invest in hooks and stylish storage for these and cleaning supplies. You’ll notice every small change you make. Your guests will appreciate them, too. Make your house the home you want it to be since it’s the one place you can truly relax.

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In High School, Julian started using any materials he could find to update his bedroom. He began with making a desk, a desk chair, a bookcase, and then a headboard. His parents took notice and soon had him improving the house piece by piece.

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