Preventing Burglaries Requires More Than Locks and Alarms

There’s no doubt about it. If you want to keep your home safe from break-ins, you should have good locks on all doors and windows and ideally have an alarm system in place. But home security doesn’t end with locks and alarms. There are other less obvious ways to keep your ...

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5 Things Buyers Hate to See

When you show your home to prospective buyers, there is probably a long list of things you’re hoping they’ll notice. For example, you’ll want them to see the beautiful chandelier in the foyer or the spacious backyard and large deck, or the kitchen with the island big enough for a ...

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A New Home to Heal After Experiencing a Major Loss

Image courtesy of Unsplash Article contributed by Suzie Wilson Sometimes being surrounded by the memories of someone you lost is soothing, but for many people, it’s too painful to bear. As you look around your home, perhaps the reminders hold you back from healing, rather than help. If you’ve had time to process ...

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